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who we are

World of Smiles is a charitable non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization. Our goal is to utilize dental supplies and equipment that would otherwise be discarded, and redistribute them to free dental clinics and not for profit dental professionals who are presently treating underpriveleged patients at their expense. We have a distribution center that provides an efficient operation to collect, sort and provide dental supplies and equipment to dental healthcare clinics and volunteer missions around the world.

Our Beginning

World of Smiles was founded by dentists and dental health professionals who were concerned with the state of dental health among the world’s underprivileged, particularly within this current economic climate. Maintaining good dental health is one of the most important factors in overall health and disease prevention, yet it is often the first thing that is overlooked when funds aren’t readily available. All too often, neglect and inattention to proper dental health will lead to considerably more harmful and costly consequences.


The founders of World of Smiles realized that although there are quite a number of dentists willing to give of their time and expertise to provide for the underpriveleged, the costs of supplies and equipment are prohibitive. This severely detracts from their best intentions to help. At the same time, however, throughout the United States, there are literally millions of dollars worth of supplies and equipment that are being discarded each year. These supplies may be dental suppliers', and manufacturers' overstock, irregularly packaged goods, or short-dated material. Dentists in private practice may want to provide the very best for their patients by regularly updating their equipment, but the equipment they discard may be perfectly usable for clinics that have nothing. Landfills are quickly filling up with products that can be reused and recycled for the greater good.

World of Smiles serves as that crucial conduit to recycle and repurpose dental supplies and equipment that can be put to use and efficiently get them to the needy people that can benefit most. Our distribution center secures product donations from suppliers, manufacturers, dental professionals, and wholesalers of dental supplies who had overstock, short-dated material, or irregular product packaging. We then ship out on an as-needed basis material and supplies to the clinics and missions helping the impoverished accross the globe. The donor who has made a tax-deductable donation has the satisfaction that comes from environmental responsibility, and enjoys the feeling of having provided needed oral health to so many. At the same time, the recipient is finally able to receive the dental help he or she so desperately needed. Together, we truly create a WORLD OF SMILES

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